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A Twenty-First-Century Bible

“A Twenty-First-Century Bible” recognizes many of the difficulties that readers’ face, and presents the Bible in a new and, perhaps, more readable way.

Part 1: The Promised Land

“The Promised Land” takes the reader on a journey from Abraham to Joshua.

Part 2: Establishing the Kingdom

“Establishing the Kingdom” extends the journey from the Judges to Solomon.

A Day in the Life of a Pair of TrousersA Day in the Life of a Pair of Trousers and Other Stories

48 Stories for Use in Christian Worship and on Other Occassions

21stcentury_bible_other_booksRough Cuts

A series of books providing a complete record of the blogs posted on this website

(and other social media) for each calendar year.

UPDATE: Prophets and Kings, etc.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything. However, it’s not because I’ve had nothing to say. It’s just that other things have had to take priority. Prophets and Kings Firstly, part 3 in the series A Twenty-First-Century Bible has been completed. Indeed,...

QUESTION: Call to Discipleship?

Many churches today are calling their people back to a life of discipleship. And rightly so. But discipleship to what? Because despite their call, many of our leaders, today, are still wanting to hang on to all the old traditions and practices. Posted: 22nd April...

QUESTION: Where Can Christians Live?

With society’s attitudes and laws getting further and further away from Christian beliefs and values, where can a Christian go that is uncontaminated from modern values? Even so-called “Christian” countries are becoming totally unrecognisable. Posted: 22nd April...

--Midwest Book Review
Synopsis: Who has tried to read the Hebrew scriptures from cover to cover and fallen short at one of the many hurdles? Who really understands them? This book takes the reader on a journey from Abraham to Joshua and deals with these very issues. Based on the complete Hebrew text, the narrative is presented in a more logical historical order, dealing appropriately with many of the obstacles. At the same time, YHWH’s laws are treated with the seriousness that they deserve. Additional comments in italics are interwoven into the text to enhance the readability and understanding of both the narrative ...
Rainbow ConnectionRainbow ConnectionMagazine of the Anglican Cursillo Movement in Tasmania
If you’ve ever struggled with understanding the Old Testament, stumbling at one of the many hurdles, this book is for you.Brian Curtis, former Cursillo Tasmania Diocesan Spiritual Director and parish priest, takes us on a journey from Abraham to Joshua in plain English.Based on the complete Hebrew text, the narrative is presented in a more logical historical order, dealing appropriately with many of the obstacles. At the same time, YHWH’s laws are treated with the seriousness they deserve.I remember when I first started my ministry education, spending the entire first year on the Old Testament, one of the difficulties I ...
Catholic LifeCatholic LifeCatholic Diocese of Sale
This is an interesting book because it is basically a reworking of the Old Testament to present the books in a more logical historical order to make it easier to understand. The author is an ordained Anglican minister who ministers and does social work in Tasmania.When reading the Hebrew Scripture in a standard Bible, one often comes up against obstacles which prevent us from understanding the narrative. Customs of the times and geography are rarely provided in Biblical text because the people for whom these stories were originally written knew the information already.A parallel in today’s world could be that ...
Kirkus IndieKirkus IndieKirkus Media LLC
An ambitious reordering of the Hebrew Bible.Recognizing that many people find the Bible to be strange, difficult or unapproachable, Curtis decided to create a new version of key sections of the Old Testament to allow readers an easier introduction to Scripture. His resulting work draws upon standard translations as well as modern scholarship to present the most ancient Hebrew Scriptures in a way that is at once familiar as well as engaging and explainable. Readers already well-versed in the Bible will be surprised to find that the order Curtis uses is notably different from the actual texts. Instead of starting ...


Author PhotoBrian A Curtis was born in Kent, England, in 1954. He grew up in St Paul’s Cray in the London Borough of Bromley. After leaving school at seventeen, he began his working career in the insurance industry, firstly for an insurance company and then for an international firm of insurance brokers. At the age of twenty, he left home, migrating to Australia, and over the next six years lived and worked in Melbourne, Launceston, and Hobart.