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From 1st April 2017 for 6 weeks

A Twenty-First-Century Bible

A Twenty-First-Century Bible is an attempt to present the biblical story of God’s people in a new and perhaps more readable way. It rearranges the text into some sort of logical historical order; two or more versions of the same story are merged together; it recognises that the modern reader doesn’t always know or understand the culture and thinking behind biblical events; it irons out some of the anomalies in the original text; and it reinstates cultural aspects of biblical thinking, which have been changed in modern translations.

The text is presented in two types. The translation of the original Hebrew is in normal print; and embellishments, enlightening the twenty-first-century reader to some of the cultural background and meaning are in italics.

Like all translations of the Bible, this version is not perfect. In many ways it can be seen to be a work in progress—a precursor of what, I hope, will be many more attempts to come. But my hope is that these books will give the reader a better understanding of the Bible so that they can return, with greater insight, to the original (in all its various translations).

Part 1—The Promised Land

(from Abram to Joshua)

To improve the flow of the narrative, Part 1 has been divided into two sections: A. The Narrative; and B. YHWH’s laws. This has allowed the historical narrative to flow more freely whilst at the same time maintaining the importance of YHWH’s laws.

As the narrative is presented in historical order, it does not follow the traditional biblical book format (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, etc.). So the story of Job, which may have been written later, is to be found in the period in which it is set. In addition, Psalms, which have been attributed or fit into the pages have been included at the appropriate points.

YHWH’s laws have been collected together and presented in a new and meaningful way. Although the laws were given to his people over time, they are set out in a way that mimics the Ten Commandments. In doing so, the idea that the Ten Commandments are principles and not simply laws to be applied literally becomes very apparent.

505 Pages
Published 18th October 2013
Hardcover – ISBN: 978-1-4836-9431-3 – RRP AU$59.99
Softcover – ISBN: 978-1-4836-9430-6 – RRP AU$ 39.99

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Part 2—Establishing the Kingdom

(From Judges to Solomon)

Part 2 continues the feature, introduced in Part 1, of being divided into two sections. This time: C. The Narrative; and D. Songs, Sayings and YHWH’s Temple. This has continued to allow the historical narrative to flow more freely, whilst maintaining the importance of the other material.

As one of the aims has been to present the narrative in historical order, much work has been done to introduce some chronological order into the narrative—particularly in regard to the Judges and the life of David. Furthermore, The Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes have been included in the Narrative, as they form a very important part of Solomon’s story.

The book includes all of the psalms ‘of David’, and all other psalms that can be reasonably identified to fit the historical period. Where they can be historically identified they are included in The Narrative, otherwise they are presented in Section D in thematic order. All proverbs identified as belonging to Solomon have been arranged in thematic order, in a loose arrangement based around the Ten Commandments.

520 pages.
Published 15th April 2016
Hardcover – ISBN: 978-1-5144-4593-8 – RRP AU$59.99
Softcover – ISBN: 978-1-5144-4592-1 – RRP AU$ 39.99

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Part 3—Prophets and Kings

(From the division of the kingdom to the destruction of Jerusalem) 

Prophets and Kings is the third book in the series A Twenty-First-Century Bible. Recognising that the Bible is not the easiest book to read and that there are many obstacles for the modern reader to overcome, the author has taken the Hebrew text and presented it in a new and more readable way. The book is divided into two parts, with the narrative presented in a more logical, historical order. Additional comments in italics are interwoven into the text to enhance readability and understanding. Prophets and Kings continues the journey—from the division of the kingdom to the destruction of Jerusalem.


437 pages.
Published 1st May 2018
Hardcover – ISBN: 978-1-5434-0777-8 – RRP AU$59.99
Softcover – ISBN: 978-1-5434-0776-1 – RRP AU$ 39.99

In Preparation

Part 4—Exile and Restoration

(Life in exile and the return to Jerusalem) 

Part 4 is currently in preparation. It is planned to be completed for publication at the end of 2019.

Being Planned

Part 5—The New Covenant

(From the birth of the Messiah to the beginning of the Christian Church) 

Part 5 remains in the planning stage.