DEVOTION: A Formula for Prayer

Psalm 10:1-18 Psalm 10 is not only a prayer for rescue from the attacks of unscrupulous men, but it is also a formula for prayer for dealing with the problems of life. It comes in three parts … In the first part (1-11) the psalmist describes the situation as he sees...

QUESTION: Santa and Christmas

If Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus, then how come Santa (not Jesus) is the focal point of our Christmas parades? Is it our society so confused about Christmas that it no longer knows what “Christ Mass” means? Posted: 21st March 2018

QUESTION: Pollution

How much money could be saved if people didn’t litter, and businesses didn’t pollute? And more importantly, what could we do with all the money that could be saved, which is currently being spent on cleaning up the mess? Posted: 19th March 2018


In the western court system, is the focus on finding out the truth, or on who can win the case—prosecution or defence? If it is the latter, what happened to the idea of justice? Posted: 19th March 2018

QUESTION: Acceptable Behaviour

How can anyone get close, friendly or even intimate with someone, today, without the risk of being accused of inappropriate behaviour? Everyone is different; we all have different standards. So, with all the talk about what is not acceptable, it’s hard to know what...