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UPDATE: Prophets and Kings, etc.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything. However, it’s not because I’ve had nothing to say. It’s just that other things have had to take priority. Prophets and Kings Firstly, part 3 in the series A Twenty-First-Century Bible has been completed. Indeed,...

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QUESTION: Call to Discipleship?

Many churches today are calling their people back to a life of discipleship. And rightly so. But discipleship to what? Because despite their call, many of our leaders, today, are still wanting to hang on to all the old traditions and practices. Posted: 22nd April...

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QUESTION: Where Can Christians Live?

With society’s attitudes and laws getting further and further away from Christian beliefs and values, where can a Christian go that is uncontaminated from modern values? Even so-called “Christian” countries are becoming totally unrecognisable. Posted: 22nd April...

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QUESTION: Gambling Advertising

I am constantly amazed at the increasing number of advertisements for betting agencies, etc. on the television—particularly after all the recent publicity with problem gambling. Do people have no shame? Why is it that so many want to profit from other people’s...

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DEVOTION: Maintaining God’s Standards

Psalm 1:1-6 Psalm 1 comes in two parts. In the first part there is a description of the righteous man, who is not like the wicked man at all, but is devoted to God. As a consequence, he prospers in everything he does. In the second part, however, there is a...

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QUESTION: What Happened to “Sorry”?

Poor service these days seems to be the order of the day. And when people make mistakes, it is invariably put down as a “misunderstanding”—yours, not theirs. So what happened to people saying “Sorry”? And will God be also told it is all a “misunderstanding” on...

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CHILDREN’S STORY: 11 of 1 (Chapter 1)

The day had finally arrived. The day I had been looking forward to. I had bought a new house, and it was time to move in. I was excited, and as I drew up outside the house, I was still working out where to put all my furniture. Of course, I was expecting the house to...

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What is the modern fascination with tattoos? Is it that people don’t like their bodies, or is it just one of those fads? In any event, does God’s prohibition of the pagan mourning ritual of tattooing one’s body, have implications for this modern trend? (Leviticus...

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QUESTION: The God of War?

The God of the Old Testament is seen by many as an angry and vengeful god. As a consequence, some people want nothing to do with him. But can’t those same stories be taken to describe a loving father who is willing to go any lengths to protect his children too?...

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SERMON: Adam and Eve

Genesis 3:1-13 A. INTRODUCTION Some people may remember the blood and thunder days of the church—when the emphasis in every sermon was to put the fear of God into people. Indeed, stories were told of the consequences of unbelief—with all the description of the fires...

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