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QUESTION: The Faithful Church?

If God is the husband of his chosen people (Old Testament), and Jesus is the bridegroom of the bride (New Testament), how faithful is today’s church to her husband? Posted: 20th February 2018

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QUESTION: The Individual or the Community?

What is more important, the rights of the individual or the health of the community? These days, it seems to be the individual, but in biblical times the community was far more important. Posted: 20th February 2018

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DEVOTION: The Cost of Following Jesus

Luke 9:57-62 There is a cost factor in everything that we do. If we want to go on holiday, there’s the financial expense. If we want to build friendships, there’s the time and effort, and the need to share something of ourselves. And if we want to belong to a club or...

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QUESTION: Poker Machines (2)

Removing poker machines from pubs may be the right thing to do, but who is going to care for those who lose their jobs? In addition, how can you vote for political parties who advocate their removal, but who also promote such low values of human life? (euthanasia,...

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If tobacco is so harmful, why is it still legal? Some people may want to uphold the right of the individual to choose, but isn’t it the community who is responsible to care for the people, and isn’t it the community who also pays the ultimate cost? Posted: 18th...

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QUESTION: Poker Machines

What is more important, responding to the damage that poker machines cause (for problem gamblers and their friends, families, work mates, communities, etc.) or maintaining the jobs that the machines create? Is it really that black and white? Posted: 16th February...

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QUESTION: Judging the Past (2)

If today’s judgements will be found inappropriate tomorrow, the only way to judge the past is to apply a set of rules that do not change. Now obviously that excludes all man-made rules. But it does illustrate the value of using God’s rules—as a constant—in everyday...

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OPINION: Resetting the Church

When things go wrong with a computer programme, particularly one that has been updated, there is inevitably an option to reset the programme, to restore it back to the manufacturer’s original design. So, when there’s a bug, or when a programme has been developed...

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QUESTION: The Church and Government Funding

If government contracts have conditions that would restrict the practices of the church (in terms of the delivery of welfare, nursing homes, schools, etc.), then why do agencies of the Christian Church pursue and fulfil such contracts? Posted: 11th February 2018

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QUESTION: Sensationalising Headlines

Why does the press persist in sensationalising the news? Increased sales or getting more viewers may well be the motivating factor, but is the practice really in the public interest? And wouldn’t a more honest approach be better in protecting the innocent? Posted:...

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