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A series of books providing a complete record of the blogs posted on this website

(and other social media) for each calendar year.

STORY: Lemuel (8)

In contrast to college, one of the many complications of the ordained ministry was finding time to study. Yes, there was an expectation that I would teach (and, therefore, some continuing study was necessary), but there was also an expectation that I would do a...

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OPINION: Escaping Life

Suicide prevention is a hot topic in the news today. And whilst it is terribly sad that some get so low they feel that they have to take the ultimate escape, ending one’s life permanently is not the only way people try to escape life. Indeed, escaping life is far more...

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EXCERPT: Establishing the Kingdom

C17. SAMSON (c. 1115-1065 BC) The Birth of Samson Foretold The Israelites again did evil in the eyes of YHWH. So YHWH gave them into the hands of the Philistines for forty years. There was a certain man of Zorah, from the tribe of Dan. His name was Manoah. His wife...

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BIBLE STUDY: Abimelech

Judges 8:30- 9:57 A. Choosing a Leader Read: Judges 8:30-9:6 1. Why did Israel need another judge? How were judges usually appointed? 2. Why did Abimelech travel to Shechem? What kind of person do you think the Shechemites thought they were appointing? 3. What...

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SERMON: Abimelech

Judges 8:30-9:57 A. INTRODUCTION a). Election to Office I’d like to begin today by raising the issue of how we appoint our leaders. Because it is an issue which, as Christians, I believe that we need to think about. After all, we have a monarch, which is a hereditary...

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STORY: Lemuel (7)

The third and final year at college was very different. I was not attached to any particular church, and it was a matter of whatever subjects I had left to do. And that included Theology II, Greek New Testament II, Prayer Book and Ethics. Furthermore, the college...

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OPINION: Is There Life After Death?

I often wonder what people think will happen to them once they have died. Now, of course, there are a variety of possible scenarios. The simplest is that there is no God, no afterlife, and consequently no judgement day. In which case death isn’t an issue—death is...

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UPDATE: Prophets and Kings

I recently completed reviewing the manuscript for the third part in the series “A Twenty-First-Century Bible.” As a consequence, I have now submitted the work for publication and it is contents are currently being evaluated. For me, this is the most nerve-wracking...

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SERMON: The Book of Jonah, Part 4: Being Single-Minded

(Jonah 4:5-11) A. INTRODUCTION 1. My World If I were to ask you about your world, how would you describe it? Would you describe it as something which revolves around you, or something which revolves around others? Is it something about which you like to have total...

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SERMON: The Book of Jonah, Part 3: A Second Chance

(Jonah 3:1-4:4) A. INTRODUCTION 1. My Opportunities When you’ve made a mistake, and you’re given a second chance—an opportunity to rectify what you have or haven’t done—what do you do? When you’ve made a mistake, and you’ve been given the opportunity to wipe the slate...

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